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Bibliography - F

F.Z.S. Peregrino (1851-1919): An Early Pan-Africanist – Q.N. Parsons (in Tinabantu, 1, 1; May 2002)

Fa adwene: a novel in Twi – F. Dankwa (Presbyterian Book Depot, Accra; 1965, 1968; 30 pgs) Think

Fa Ho Adwen – J. Gyekye-Aboagye and S.A. Gyima (CASAS Monograph Series No. 19; 2002) A collection of proverbial and folk wisdom

Faceless – Amma Darko (Sub-Saharan Publishers, Legon; 2003; 232 pgs) Novel; introductory essay by Kofi Anyidoho

Facilities and resources for diabetes care at regional health facilities in southern Ghana  Albert G.B. Amoah, Samuel K. Owusu, J. Terry Saunders, Wei Li Fang, Henrietta A. Asare, Joice G. Pastors, Cindi Sanborn, Eugene J. Barrett, Moses K.A. Woode and Kwame Osei (pgs. 123-130 in Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, 42, 2; November 1998)

Facing Africa‘s Predicament: Academe Needs to Play a Stronger Role – R. Joseph (The Chronicle of Higher Education; March 7 2003)

Facing Mount Kenya: The Traditional Life of the Gikuyu – Jomo Kenyatta (1938; Vintage Books, New York, US; 1950; Heinemann, London, England; 1979)

Facing the Future Together (Global Coalition on Women and Aids; UNAIDS, New York, US; 2004)

Facing Two Ways – Ghana’s Coastal Communities Under Colonial Rule – R.S. Gocking (University Press of America; 1999)

Fact Sheet of Ghana Stock Exchange (pgs. 10, 11 in Money Market, 2; July 1992)

Facteurs d’attraction et de répulsion à l’origine des flux migratoires internationaux – Rapport national, Sénégal (EUROSTAT; Working Paper; Populations et conditions sociales 3/2000/E/no. 12; Commission des communautés européennes; 2000) Roughly, ‘Pull and push factors at the origin of international migratory flows – Senegal National Report’

Factors Affecting Female Participation in Education in Relation to the Northern Scholarship Scheme – S.K. Atakpa (Research report for the Ministry of Education; 1996)

Factors Affecting Food Poverty in Ghana – S. Kyereme and E. Thorbecke (pgs. 39-52 in Journal of Development Studies, 28, 1; 1991)

Factors associated with tuberculosis treatment default and completion at the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital in Ghana – Emmanuel Atsu Dodor and Godwin Yao Afenyadu (pgs. 827-832 in Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 99, 1; Nov. 2005)

Factors influencing attendance to immunization sessions for children in a rural district of Ghana – William K. Bosu, Doris Ahelegbe, Emmanuel Edum-Fotwe, Kobina A Bainson and Paa Kobina Turkson (pgs. 259-267 in Acta Tropica, 68, 3; December 1997)

Factors Influencing Production and Consumption of Cocoa – J.G. Amoafo (pgs. 17-26 in Ghana Agricultural Economics Bulletin, I; date?)

Factors Influencing the Decision to Participate in Micro-credit Programme: An Illustration for Northern Ghana – M. Ayamga, D.B. Sarpong and S. Asuming-Brempong (pgs. 57-65 in Ghana Journal of Development Studies, 3, 2; 2006)

Factors of Agricultural Growth in West Africa – (ed.) I.M. Ofori (in Proceedings of an international conference held at Legon, April 1971; ISSER, University of Ghana; 1973)

Factors related to the delegation of parental roles among West Africans in London – E.N. Goody and C.L. Muir (Manuscript report, SSRC, London, England; 1972)

Factors to be considered in the preservation of parenteral and ophthalmic solutions and suspensions – S.M. Heman-Ackah (pgs. 32-34 in West African Pharmacist, 10, 3; Lagos, Nigeria; May 1968)

Factory management and workers in the Accra capital district – Margaret Peil (pgs. 23-35 in Economic Bulletin of Ghana, 10, 1; 1966)

Facts about religious leaders of old (Ghana Society of Religious Liberals, Accra; 1965)

Facts to remember – N.A. Odoi (Waterville Publishing House, Accra; 1965; 151 pgs)

Faith Healing and Women’s Reproductive Health – Brigid Sackey (in Research Review (new series) 18, 1; Legon; 2002)

Falling into place – Policy that works for forests and people – E.N.A. Kotey, J. François, J.G.K. Owusu, R. Yeboah, K.S. Amanor and L. Antwi (Series 4, International Institute for Environment and Development, London England; 1998; 138 pgs)

False Start in Africa – R. Dumont (André Deutsch, London, England; 1966) Original in French was L’Afrique noire est mal partie

Family and Family Planning in Southern Ghana W. Bleek (pgs.138-153 in Sex Roles, Population and Development in West Africa, (ed.) C. Oppong, International Labour Organization, Heinemann Educational Books and James Currey; 1987)

Family and Social Change in an African City – P. Marris (London, England; 1961)

Family Background and Educational Opportunities in Ghana – I. Addae-Mensah, J.S. Djangmah and C.O. Agbenyega (Ghana Universities Press; 1973)

Family budget surveys: (Joint Project 9); Vol. 1: East Africa, Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana (Commission for Technical Co-operation in Africa and Scientific Council for Africa, London, England; 1965; 182 pgs)

Family change in Africa: a review – C. Oppong (pgs. 1-17 in Research Review, 7; 1971)

Family Law and Customary Practices for Child Maintenance and Inheritance in Ghana – L. Oware-Gyekye, Alexina Arthur and E.V.O.Dankwa (Family and Development Programme, FADEP Technical Series No. 5, Department of Georgraphy and Resource Development, University of Ghana, Legon; 1995;141 pgs)

Family Law in Ghana – William E. Ofei (Sebewie Publishers; 1998; 436 pgs)

Family Law Policy and Research Agenda – H.J.A.N. Mensa-Bonsu (in The Changing Family in Ghana, (ed.) E. Ardayfio-Schandorf, details to come)

Family Life Education Needs of School Leavers: A Study in Akwapim Akropong – Doris Essah (in Research Review (new series) 18, 1; Legon; 2002)

Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services in Ghana: An Annotated Bibliography Y. Oheneba-Sakyi (Greenwood Publishing Group; 1994; 176 pgs)

Family Resources and Reproductive Health of Girls: A Focus on Tugbewôwô: Puberty Rites among the Dodome Ewes – Laetitia A.P. Hevi-Yiboe (in Research Review (new series) 19, 1; Legon; 2003)

Fanon – D. Caute (Viking Press, New York, US; 1970)

Fanon P. Geismar (Dial Press, New York, US; 1971)

Fanon: In Search of the African Revolution – Adele L. Jinadu (Fourth Dimension Publishers, Enugu, Anambra State, Nigeria; 1980)

Fanon: The Awakener – Ayi Kwei Armah (pgs 4-43 in Negro Digest, 23, 12; 1969) Essay; also found listed as pgs. 4-9, 29-43 in Negro Digest, 18, 12; Oct. 1969

Fanon’s Dialectic of Experience Ato Sekyi-Otu (Harvard University Press, Cambridge MA, US; 1996)

Fante-Akan Proverbs – G.R. Acquaah (details to come)

Fante (Ghana) Chika Okeke (Rosen Publishing Group; 1997; 64 pgs)

Fante lake fishing festivals – J.B. Hall (pgs. 149-154 in Nigerian Field, 3, 4; October 1966)

Fante Primer Timothy Laing (Cape Coast; 1864)

Fante star lore – J.S. Dunn (pgs. 52-64 in Nigerian Field, 25, 2; 1960)

Fante Word List with Rules of Spelling – F.L. Bartels (Methodist Book Depot, Cape Coast; 1944; 84 pgs)

Fanti and Ashanti H. Brackenbury and G.L. Huyshe (London, England; 1873)

Fanti Customary Laws – A Brief Introduction to the Principles of the Native Laws and Customs of the Fanti and Akan Districts of the Gold Coast, with A Report on Some Cases Thereon Decided in the Law Courts – J. Mensah Sarbah (London, England; 1897; 2nd edition, William Clowes and Sons, Ltd, London; 1904; 34 pages of introductory material, 317 pages of text with another 190 pages of selected cases; 3rd edition [?], Frank Cass, London; 1966)

Fanti Law Report J. Mensah Sarbah (William Clowes and Sons, London, England; 1904)

Fanti National Constitution and Fanti Law Report J. Mensah Sarbah (W. Clowes, London, England; 1906; 273 pgs; Frank Cass, London; 1968)

Far and near – Robert Richardson Okyne (University of London Press, London, England; 1967; 127 pgs) English at work, Reader no. 4

Far and near – R.R. Okyne (University of London Press, London, England; 1966; 128 pgs) English at Work Reader 5

Farm/non-farm Linkages in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa: Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications – S. Haggblade, P. Hazell and J. Brown (Discussion paper, Agriculture and Rural Development Department, World Bank, Washington DC, US; 1987)

Farm radio forum project – Ghana; 1964-5. – Hellen C. Abell (Department of Geography, University of Waterloo; 1965; 179 pgs)

Farm Size and the Modernization of Agriculture in Ghana E. Dadson (in Factors of Agricultural Growth in West Africa, (ed.) I.M. Ofori; ISSER, Legon, 1973)

Farm Size, Resource Use Efficiency, and Rural Development: Technoserve and Small-Scale Pineapple Farmer Groups in Ghana – Daniel Bruce Sarpong and A. B. West (Issues in African Rural Development Monograph Series, 30; 2002)

Farmer-Trader Relationship: Is There Exploitation? – V.K. Nyanteng (ISSER Discussion Paper No. 3, University of Ghana; 1978)

Farmers, Traders and Brokers in the Gold Coast Economy – R.J. Southall (pgs. 185-211 in Canadian Journal of African Studies, 12, 2 1978)

Farming in the Shadow of the City: Changes in Land Rights and Livelihoods in Peri-Urban Accra – D. Maxwell, W.O. Larbi, S.W. Lamptey and M. Armah-Klemesu, (CFP Report 23; 1998) Also found listed as published in Third World Planning Review, 2, 4; 1999, with S. Zakariah included as a co-author

Farming System Research and its Application – West Africa (ISSER Discussion Paper No. 18, University of Ghana; 1985)

FASS Bulletin – Volume 1, No. 1 (Faculty of Social Studies, University of Ghana, Legon; 1996; 136 pgs)

Fatal Indifference: The G8, Africa and Global Health – R. Labonte, T. Schrecker, D. Sanders and W. Meeus (University of Cape Town Press, South Africa, 2004; 378 pgs) Analysis of globalization, development and Group of Eight policies related to Africa, with a primary focus on policies influencing health and its privatization, and how commitments are broken (ABCBR)

Feasibility Report on Sugar and Rice Production Project in Accra Plains (Nippon Koei Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan; 1967) Four volumes

Feasibility study for an alumina plant in Ghana; Report No. 66-64-RE; 5 vols. (Kaiser Engineers and Constructors, Oakland CA, US; 1966)

Feasibility study for the Avu-Keta Project, Volta Region, Ghana, 5 vols. – Karl Erich Gall Wakuti (Ministry of Agriculture, Accra; 1968)

Feasibility study on substitution of solar energy for oil in large-scale commercial drying of maize: evaluation of post-production systems for cereals in Ghana – phase one report (Ministry of Energy, Accra; 1991; 82 pgs)

Fecundity, gonadosomatic index and breeding cycle of the clupeid llisha Africana (Bloch) occurring in the coastal waters of Cape Coast (Ghana) – E.G.S. Azumah (pgs. 91-94 in Journal of the University of Science and Technology, 11, 3; Oct. 1991)

Feeding America's War Machine: the United States and Economic Expansion in West Africa during World War II – Adebayo Oyebade (pgs. 119-140 in African Economic History, 26; 1998)

Feeding preferences of duiker (Cephalophus maxwelli, C. rufilatus, and C. niger) in Ivory Coast and Ghana T. Hofmann and H. Roth (pgs. 65-77 in Mammalian Biology Zeitschrift für Saugetierkunde, 68, 2; 2003)

Fela: From West Africa to West Broadway (ed.) Trevor Schoonmaker (Palgrave Macmillan; 2003, 2004; 212 pgs) Essays on the life and growing legacy of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (ABCBR)

Fela: The Life and Times of an African Musical Icon – M.E. Veal (Temple University Press, Philadelphia PA, US; 2000)

Female and Male in West Africa – Christine Oppong (George Allen and Unwin, London, England; 1974)

Female and Small-Scale Employment under Modernization in Ghana – W.F. Steel (pgs. 154-167 in Economic Development and Cultural Change, 30, 1; 1981)

Female Autonomy, Family Decision Making, and Demographic Behavior in Africa – Kofi Awusabo-Asare (Studies in African Economic and Social Development, V. 12; 1999) Amazon lists Y. Oheneba-Sakyi as co-author

Female Circumcision, Excision and Infibulation: Facts and Proposals for Change (ed.) Maclean Scilla (details to come; 1980)

Female Circumcision in Somalia and Women's Motives – M. Dirie (pgs. 581-588, 591 in Acta Obstetrical Gynecology of Scandinavia, 70, 7-8)

Female Circumcision: Rite of Passage or Violation of Rights – F.A. Althause (pgs. 130-133 in International Family Planning Perspectives, 23, 3; 1997)

Female Genital Mutilation – A Call for Global Action – N. Toubia (details to come; 1993)

Female Genital Mutilation, Excision and Infibulation: A Bibliography – L.P. Sanderson (London, England; 1986)

Female Genital Mutilation: Proposal for ChangeElsworth Dorkenoo and E. Scilla (details to come; 1992)

Female genital mutilation: Socio-cultural factors that influence the practice in Kassena-Nankana District, Ghana P.K. Adongo, P. Akweongo, F.N. Binka and C. Mbacké (pgs. 25-36 in African Journal of Reproductive Health, 2, 2; 1998)

Female-Headed Households in Southern Africa: Issues, Problems and Prospects – Bertha Z. Osei-Hwedie (in Research Review (new series) 14, 2; Legon; 1998)

Female Migration in Africa – P. Makinwa-Adebusoye (in Conference on the Role of Migration in African Development: Issues and Policies for the 90s; vol. 1, Commissioned Papers, Dakar Union for African Population Studies, Senegal; 1990)

Female Song Tradition and the Akan of Ghana: The Creative Process in Nnwonkoro – K. Ampene (School of Oriental and African Studies Musicology Series, London, England; 2004)

Feminine plurals in Hausa: a case of syntactic overcorrection – Paul Newman (pgs. 245-248 in Journal of African Languages, 6, 3; 1967)

Feminism and the State in Nigeria: The National Machinery for Women – Amina Mama (National Machinery Series No. 4, Third World Network-Africa, Accra; 2000)

Feminist Africa: National Politricks (African Gender Institute; 2004)

Feminist Africa: Sexual Cultures (African Gender Institute; 2005)

Feminization of poverty: A study of women in stone chips business in Cape Coast Municipality – L.A. Dei, R. Lund, K.A. Boakye and E. Opoku-Agyeman (in The Changing Faces of Poverty in Ghana, (eds.) K. Awusabo-Asare, S. Agyei-Mensah and S.H. Jorgensen; Proceedings of the NUFU Workshop, University of Cape Coast, October, 2005; 2005)

Fermented Fish in Africa: A Study on Processing, Marketing and Consumption – Kofi Manso Essuman (Fisheries Technical Paper, No. 329; details to come; 1993)

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Fertilizers for Ghanaian farmers (pgs. 328-334 in Agricultural Newsletter, Accra; Aug. 1968) Authorship uncertain

Fertilizing young rubber – A.A. Opoku (pgs. 4, 5 in Cropsearch, 2, 2; June 1992)

Fertility and child mortality in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana – K. Benefo and T. Schultz (pgs. 123-58 in World Bank Economic Review, 10, 1; 1996)

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Fetische Gur-sprachiger Völker (Tallensi, Bulsa, Lyela) in der westafrikanischen Savanne R. Schott (pgs. 171-230 in Was sind Fetische? Roter Faden zur Ausstellung, Museum für Völkerkunde, Frankfurt am Main, Germany; 1986)

Fetish Gold – C. Ratton (University of Pennsylvania Museum, Philadelphia PA, US; 1975; 68 pgs)

Feynman-α technique for measurement of detector dead time using a 30 kW tank-in-pool research reactor E. H. K. Akaho, J. D. K. Intsiful, B. T. Maakuu, S. Anim-Sampong and B. J. B. Nyarko (pgs. 585-590 in Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment, 479, 2-3; 1 March 2002)

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Fifteen Poems from Eweland – I.K. Hoh (pgs. 98-104 in Voices of Ghana: Literary Contributions to the Ghana Broadcasting System: 1955-57; (ed.) H. Swanzy; 1958)

50 Years of Civil Service Reform Experience in Anglophone Africa – Reflections on the Past to Guide Future Efficiency in Governance – Michael A. Bentil (Design Solutions, Accra, tel. 7010862; 2004; 220 pgs)

Fifty Years of the Bretton Woods Institutions and Adjustment in Africa: Consolidation or Change? – E. Hutchful (in Canadian Journal of Development Studies, 16, 3; 1995)

Fighters for National Liberation – R.A. Ulyanovsky et al. (Moscow, then USSR; 1983) Includes Soviet critiques of Nkrumah’s politics and ideology

Fights, riots, and disturbances with 'objectionable and provocative art' among the Fante Asafo companies – Kwame Amoah Labi (in Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana, New Series, 2; 1998)

Fighting Corruption, Promoting Good Governance: Commonwealth Expert Group on Good Governance and the Elimination of Corruption [Expert Group Report] – K. Botchwey (details to come; 2001)

Figures in a Dance: The Theatre of W.B. Yeats and Wole Soyinka – Chii Akporji (Africa World Press, Trenton NJ, US and Asmara, Eritrea; 2003; 269 pgs)

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Final Report of the Commission on Bribery and Corruption (Accra; 1974) The chair was Justice P.D. Anin and the members were Dr. Ephraim Amu, Rev. G.K. Sintim-Misa, Prof. K.E. deGraft-Johnson, Lt. Col. K.A. Buckman, Kwame Afreh and P.A. Dako, according to Kumi Ansah-Koi in Political Parties and Democracy in Ghana’s Fourth Republic, (eds.) Ninsin and Drah

Final Report of the Special Investigation Board (Kidnapping and Killing of Specified Persons), 1983 (Republic of Ghana)

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Financial Intermediation for the Poor: Credit Demand by Micro, Small and Medium Enteprises in Ghana: A Further Assignment for Financial Sector Policy – S. Akoena and F.A. Gockel (IFLIP Research Paper No. 6, International Labour Organization, Geneva, Switzerland; 2002)

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Firearms Availability and Crime in Ghana – Emmanuel Kwasi Aning (in Studies in Small Arms and Crime in Africa, (ed.) Adedeji Ebo; details to come; 2003)

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For the Love of a Woman Gloria Yartey (a.k.a. Nkrabeah Effah Dartey) (Assemblies of God Literature Centre, Accra; 2003; 61 pages) Besides having been a soldier, politician and lawyer, this fellow is also a playwright and dedicated man of the theatre

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Fountain Youth Survival Kit For Schools: A Teacher’ Handbook on HIV/AIDS Prevention in Schools – Elioda Tumwesigye (Fountain [Uganda] Publishers, Uganda; 2003; 92 pgs) A set of three explicit and informative books (for primary and secondary levels and for teachers) about HIV/AIDS that aim to fully educate young people about prevention and empower the teacher with the basic information, confidence and skills to transmit this information to young people (ABCBR)

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Four Guineas – A Journey Through West Africa – Elspeth J. Huxley (Chatto and Windus, London, England; 1954; 308 pgs) Pages 76-161 are on Ghana, according to McFarland. If she was one of those Huxleys, this book should be of greater interest than your usual foreigner’s impressions in this rich, pre-independence period

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From Class to Race: Essays in White Marxism and Black Radicalism – Charles Mills (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, US; 2004; 284 pgs) In this argument for a new critical theory of Marxism using the insights of black radical political tradition, Mills challenges conventional interpretations of key concepts and contends that Marxism has failed to recognize the centrality of race and white supremacy to the making of the capitalist world (ABCBR)

From Columbus to Castro: The History of the Caribbean 1492-1969 – E. Williams (New York, US; 1970)

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Fundamentals and Topical Problems of African Foreign Policy – Roger Felli (Institute of International Relations, Germany; 1977) A Commissioner for Foreign Affairs in that National Redemption Council/Supreme Military Council period?

Funding Political Parties in West Africa – Kofi Kumado (Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Accra; 1996)

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Funeral Dirges of the Akan People by J.H.K. Nketia [Book review] – H. Tracey (pg. 82 in African Music Society Journal, 1, 3; 1956)

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Funguous and physiological diseases – E.A. Addison and P.G. Addoh (Papers read at the meeting of the Coconut Research Technical committee, Kumasi; April 1965; 2 pgs)

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Fusaria and fumonisins in maize from Ghana and their co-occurrence with aflatoxins – Kafui Kpodo, Ulf Thrane and Benedicte Hald (pgs. 147-157 in International Journal of Food Microbiology, 61, 2-3; 1 November 2000) 

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