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Bibliography - B

Babatu – Ahmed Bako Alhassan (typed manuscript, Tamale; 1991)

Bad Blood: The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment – a Tragedy of Race and Medicine – J.H. James (Collier Macmillan, New York, NY, US; 1982)

Back to normality – Dennis Austin (pgs. 24-25 in The Economist, 220; July 2, 1966) 

Background Paper on Gender Issues in Ghana – Bridge (Report for West and North African Department, Overseas Development Administration, England; 1994)

Background to Ghana – Clyde Morgan (Nore Press, London, England; 1965; 37 pgs)

Background to the Problems of Economic Development in Northern Ghana – K.B. Dickson (pgs. 686-696 in Annals of the Association of American Geographers, vol. 58, no. 4; 1968) 

Backwash Urbanization: The Peasantization of Cities in Sub-Saharan Africa A.L. Mabogunje (pgs. 255-272 in World Patterns of Modern Urban Change: Essays in Honour of Chauncy D. Harris, (ed.) M.P. Conzen, University of Chicago Department of Geography Research Paper No. 217-218, Chicago IL, US; 1986) 

Bacteriological study of wound sepsis – H.S. Sodhi, L. Djorjevic and J. Mingle (pgs. 199-204 in Ghana Medical Journal, 7, 4; Dec. 1968) 

Balance of payments constraint and economic development in Ghana – J.E.A. Manu (in Economic Bulletin of Ghana, 2nd series, 2, 4; 1972) 

Bandits – E.J. Hobsbawm (Weidenfeld & Nicolson, London, England; 1969)

Bandung, Cairo, and Accra: A Report on the First Conference of Independent African States – Colin Legum (Africa Bureau, London, England; 1958)

Bankers in West Africa: The Story of the Bank of British West Africa Limited – R. Fry (Hutchinson Benham, London, England; 1976; 270 pgs)

Banking and Financial Law Journal of Ghana – Special Issue on Interest Rates and Private Business in Ghana, July-December 2000, Vol. 1. No. 6 (Legal Research Centre, P.O. Box 13054, Accra; 140 pgs)

Banking Competition and Efficiency in Ghana – Thierry Buchs and Johan Matthieson (pgs. 174-194 in The Economy of Ghana: Analytical Perspectives on Stability, Growth and Poverty, (eds.) Ernest Aryeetey and Ravi Kanbur; James Currey, www.jamescurrey.co.uk; and Woeli Publishing Services, P.O. Box NT 601, New Town, Accra; 2008)  

Banking Conditions in the Gold Coast and the Question of Setting Up [a] National Bank Cecil Trevor (Commissioned report submitted to the Under Secretary of State, Colonial Office, London UK; 1951) 

Banking in Ghana T.E. Anin (Woeli Publishing Services; 2001)

Banking in Ghana – the human factor – J.A. Nuamah (pgs. 3, 4, 11 in Journal of the Ghana Institute of Banking, 3, 8; 1990)

Baobab and the Mango Tree: Africa, the Asian Tigers and the Developing World – N. Thompson (Zed Books, London, England; 2001; hard cover 224 pgs)  

Barbus (Pisces, Cyprinidae) of the Volta Region – Antony John Hopson and Jane Hopson (pgs. 99-149 in British Museum, Natural History, Bulletins, Zoology Series, 13, 4; 1965) 

Barrel of the Pen: Resistance to Repression in Neo-Colonial Kenya – Ngugi wa Thiong’o (New Beacon Books, London, England; 1983) 

Basel Mission Archives, 1865-1896 (Basel, Switzerland) Correspondence between Basel missionaries on the Gold Coast and Basel 

Baseline Survey for the Implementation of the Bamako Initiative in Ghana – D. Ofori-Adjei (Bamako Initiative Technical Report, UNICEF, Geneva; 1990) 

Baseline Survey on Female Ritual ‘Bondage’ in Ghana (International Needs-Ghana; 1997)

Baseline Survey on the Pharmaceutical Sector in Ghana (Ministry of Health, Accra; 1999)

Basic Education for Self-Employment and Rural Development (A sub-sector study) (World Bank; March 1989) 

Basic Education Sector Improvement Programme, Free Compulsory Universal Basic Education by the Year 2005: Policy Document (Ministry of Education; 1996)

Basic Statistics (annual; University of Ghana, Legon) 

Basic Twi for Learners J. Yeboah-Dankwa (Sebewie Publishers, P.O. Box 1745, Accra; 1998; 75 pgs) 

Battle for the Mind: A Physiology of Conversion and Brainwashing – W. Sargant (Pan Books Ltd, London, England; 1970)

Be content with your lot – J. Benibengor Blay (2nd edition, Benibengor Book Agency, Aboso; 1967; 28 pgs) 

Bearing the Weight – The Kayayoo: Ghana’s Working Girl Child – S. Agarwal, M. Attah, N. Apt, M. Grieco, E.A. Kwakye and J. Turner (Centre for Social Policy Studies, University of Ghana, Legon; 1997)

Bediako – A. Vic Nii-Amarteifio (Bureau of Ghana Languages, Accra; 1965; 90 pgs) 

Bedie nwora ko o! – Arthur Mensah (reprint; Bureau of Ghana Languages, Accra; 1967; 27 pgs) Nzema

Been-To Visions: Transnational Linkages among a Ghanaian Dispersed Community in the Twentieth Century – Stephan F. Miescher and Leslie Ashbaugh (pgs. 57-76 in Ghana Studies, 2; 1999) 

Bεfa bεwo bε – P.K. Anwobor (Bureau of Ghana Languages, Accra; 1968; 54 pgs) Nzema 

Beggar and Beggar Company Limited – Charlie Gold (pg. 67 in Uhuru, 4, 4; 1992)

Beginner’s Ga (Ga Kasemö Shishijee) – A.A. Amartey (Bureau of Ghana Languages, Accra; 1969) 

Bεhi sum Salima – Tia Sulemana (Bureau of Ghana Languages, Accra; 1968; 22 pgs) Dagbani 

Behind the Norms: Women’s Access to Agricultural Resources in Ghana E. Bortei-Doku Aryeetey (in Managing Land Tenure and Resource Access in West Africa; Proceedings of a Regional Workshop held at Gorée, Senegal, 18-22 Nov. 1997; no publisher’s name)

Behind the Norms: Women’s Access to Land in Ghana E. Bortei-Doku Aryeetey (pgs. 86-97 in The Dynamics of Resource Tenure in West Africa, (eds.) C. Toulmin, P. Lavigne Delville, S. Traore, James Currey, Oxford, England; 2002) 

Beijing Betrayed – John Zeitlin (Women’s Environment and Development Organisation, WEDO; 2005)

Being Black Being Human – Femi Ojo-Ade (Obafemi Awolowo University Press, Ile-IIfe, Nigeria; 1996) 

Beneath the Jazz and Brass – Joe de Graft (Heinemann African Writers Series No. 166, London, England; 1975) Poetry 

Benchmarking to Improve the Stategic Planning Process in the Hotel Sector – P. Phillips and K. Appiah-Adu (pgs. 1-17 in Services Industries Journal, 18, 1; 1998) 

Beretning, O, de Danske Forter pg. Negerier paa Guineakysten A.R. Biorn (Copenhagen, Denmark; 1788)

Bericht des Hauptmann von François über seine Reise im Hinterland des Deutschen Shutzgebiets Togo – C. von François (pgs. 143-171 in Mitteilungen für Forschungsreisenden und Gelehrten aus den deutschen Schutzgebieten, 1; 1888)

Bericht über laufende Forschungen zur Motivanalyse afrikanischer Erzählungen im Seminar für Völkerkunde der Universität Münster – R. Schott (pgs. 83-95 in Fabula, Zeitschrift für Erzählforschung, 30, 1-2; 1989)

Bericht von Hauptmann von François über seine zweite Reise nach Salaga – C. von François (pgs. 33-37 in Mitteilungen für Forschungsreisenden und Gelehrten aus den deutschen Schutzgebieten, 2; 1889)

Bernhardt Yemo Quarshie, 1883-1965 – R.F. Mante (Self-published, Dodowa; 1965; 12 pgs)

Berücksichtigung ethnologischer Aspekte im Erdkundeunterricht. Ahnenverehrung, Landrotation und Entwicklungsprojekte – F. Kröger (Erdkunde, Unterrichts-Materialien für Lehrkräfte Sekundarstufe II, Ergänzung 23, Fächerübergreifender Unterricht, S3, no. 612, Stark Verlagsgesellschaft Freising; 2000; 50 pgs. and 3 foils) 

Bertie Opoku, Ghana’s dance artist (pg. 1669 in West Africa, 2639; December 1967)

Bescherdeb Betr. De Buitenlandse Politik van Nederland 1848-1919 – (ed.) J. Wolteng (vol. 1, Hertogenbosch; 1919)

Beschreiburg von Afrika – O. Dapper (in Ghana Notes and Queries, 9; 1966)

Beschryvinge ende historische verhael vant’ Gout Koninckrijk van Guinea, anders de Gout-Custe de Mina Pieter de Marees (Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 1601) This may contain the first list of local words made by a foreigner, the Dutch trader and navigator de Marees. Chronicle of the Gold Coast of Guinea was translated in 1985 by A. van Dantzig and A. Smith and published by Oxford University Press. Perbi has a listing for Description and Historical Account of the Gold Kingdom of Guinea C (1602) by P. de Marees, translated by A. Van Dantzing and A. Jones, USA, 1987.

Between Distinction and Extinction: The Harmonization and Standardization of African Languages – (ed.) Kwesi Kwaa Prah (CASAS Book Series 1; 1998) Contributors from a wide range of countries in Africa and beyond contend that without the use of indigenous languages – “the languages of the masses” – Africa cannot develop  (CASAS) 

Between Faith and History: A Biography of J. A. Kufuor Ivor Agyeman-Duah (Africa World Press, Trenton NJ, US; 2004; hard cover, 168 pgs) 

Between History and Modernity: Asante, c. 1850-1950 T.C. McCaskie (details to come)

Between Metropole and Colony: Rethinking a Research Agenda – Ann Laura Stoler and Frederick Cooper, in Tensions of Empire: Colonial Cultures in a Bourgeois World, (eds.) Cooper and Stoler; Berkeley, CA, US; 1997) 

Between the Oral and the Written: Theatre in Ghana and Nigeria – Alain Ricard, trans. A. Graham-White (pgs. 229-238 in Educational Theatre Journal, 28; May 1976)

Between the Sea and the Lagoon – An Eco-Social History of the Anlo of South-Eastern Ghana c. 1850 to Recent Times – E.K. Akyeampong (Ohio University Press, Scott Quadrangle, Athens, Ohio 45701; James Currey, 73 Botley Road, Oxford OX 2 OBS, England; 2001; 244 pgs) 

Beyond Art: From Dream to Reality – Kofi Anyidoho (pgs. 19-31 in Asɛmka, 6; Sept. 1989) 

Beyond the Colour Line: Pan-Africanist Disputations, Selected Sketches, Letters, Papers and Reviews – K.K. Prah (Vivlia Publishers, South Africa; 1997; Africa World Press, Trenton NJ, US; 1998) 

Beyond Cultures: Perceiving a Common Humanity: Ghanaian Philosophical Studies, III K. Gyekye [1999 J.B. Danquah Memorial Lectures] (Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences; 2003) 

Beyond Economic Liberalization in Africa: Structural Adjustment and the Alternatives (eds.) Kidane Mengisteab and B. Ikubolajeh Logan (Zed Books, London, England; 1995) 

Beyond ‘identity’ – Rogers Brubaker and Frederick Cooper (pgs. 1-47 in Theory and Society, 29; 2000) 

Beyond Ideology – Literary Techniques in Ngugi’s Petals of Blood and Devil on the Cross Koku Amuzu (Minerva Press, 195 Knightsbridge, London SW7 1RE, England; 1997; 180 pgs) 

Beyond Inequalities: Women in Zambia – Mercy Siame and Nakatiwa Mulikita (South African Research and Documentation Centre; 1998)

Beyond the Horizon – Amma Darko (Heinemann; 1995) First published as Der Verkaufte Traum, Schmetterling Verlag, Germany; 1991) Novel

Beyond the Washington Consensus: Institutions Matter (World Bank, Washington DC, US; 1998) 

Beyond Ujamaa in Tanzania: Underdevelopment and an Uncaptured Peasantry – G. Hyden (University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles CA, US; 1980) 

Beyond Urban Bias in Africa: Urbanization in an Era of Structural Adjustment – C.M. Becker, A.M. Hamer and A.R. Morrison (Heinemann, Portsmouth, England; 1994) 

Bias Overkill? Removal of Anti-Export Bias and Manufacturing Investment: Ghana 1983-89 J-M. Fontaine (in Industrial and Trade Policy Reform in Developing Countries, (eds.) R. Adhikhari, C. Kirkpatrick and J. Weiss, Manchester University Press, Manchester, England; 1992)

Bible and Human Transformation – J.S. Pobee (in Mission Studies, 1-2; no date)

Bible Myths and their Parallels in Other Religions – T.W. Doane (Truth Seeker Co., New York NY, US; 1882) 

Bibliamenyonua dewo fe nutinya – (trans.) Helen Afare and Richard Banibensu (Women’s Work Committee, Presbyterian Church of Ghana and Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Accra; 1966; 24 pgs) [Ewe] 

Bibliographie de l’Afrique Occidentale Française – E.A. Joucia (Société d’Editions Géographiques, Maritimes et Coloniales, Paris, France; 1937; 712 pgs) 

Bibliographie der Ewe in Westafrica Z. Krzysztof (Acta Ethnologica et Linguistica, 38, Series Africana 11, Institut für Volkerkunde der Universität Wien, Vienna, Austria; 1976; 178 pgs) Roughly, ‘The Ewe in West Africa – A Bibliography’ 

Bibliography and Vocabulary of the Akan (Twi-Fante) Language of Ghana D. Warren (Indiana University Research Centre for Language and Semiotic Studies, Atlantic Highlands, NJ, US; Humanities Press, Bloomington IN, US; date to come) 

Bibliography of Creative African Writing J. Jahn and C.P. Dressler (Kraus Thomson, Nendeln; 1971, and Millwood NJ, US; 1975; 446 pgs) 

Bibliography of Ghana, 1957-1960 – G.M. Pitcher (Library of the University of Science and Technology, Kumasi; 1962; 111 pgs) 

Bibliography of virus diseases of cocoa and their mealybug vectors – (comp.) T.W. Cochrane (Cocoa Research Institute, Tafo; 1965; 20 pgs) 

Big Men, Small Boys and Politics in Ghana – Power, Ideology and the Burden of History, 1982-1994 – Paul Nugent (Pinter Publishing Ltd, Wellington House, 125 Strand, London WC2R OBB, 1995; Asempa Publishers, P.O. Box 919, Accra; 1996; 306 pgs)

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Biochemical changes caused by some Aspergillus species in root tubers of cassava – G.C. Clerk and M. Caurite (pgs. 149-154 in Tropical Science, 10, 3; 1968) 

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Biodiversity of Saccharomyces cerevisiae isolated from a survey of pito production sites in various parts of Ghana – R.L.K. Glover, R.C. Abaidoo, M. Jakobsen and L. Jespersen (pgs. 755-761 in Systematic and Applied Microbiology, 28, 8; 15 Oct. 2005)

Biographical Note on Ayi Kwei Armah – Anon (pg.5 in Cultural Events in Africa, 40; March 1968)

Biographical Sketch of George Blankson of Anomabu J.M. Akita (in Transactions of the Gold Coast & Togoland Historical Society, 1, 5; Achimota; 1955) 

Bionomics of tsetse and other parasitological notes in the Gold Coast J. Simpson (in Bulletin of Entomological Research VIII, parts 3 and 4; 1918) 

Birds and Other Poems – Ama Ata Aidoo (College Press, Harare, Zimbabwe; 1988)

Birim South District Assembly – Cecilia Arhin (Maks Publication; no date) 

Birth rites of the Akans – A.C. Denteh (pgs. 78-81 in Research Review, 3, 1; 1966)

Birthweight distribution at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Ghana C.A. Klufio, A.T. Lassey, B.D. Annan and J.B. Wilson (pgs 418-423 in Eastern African Medical Journal 78 (8); 2001) 

Black Africa, 1945-1980: Economic Decolonization and Arrested Development David Fieldhouse (Allen & Unwin, London, England; 1986

Black Africa: The Economic and Cultural Basis for a Federated State – Cheikh Anta Diop (French original, Les Fondements culturels, techniques et industriels d’un futur Etat fédéral d’Afrique noire [The Cultural, Technical and Industrial Foundations of a Future Federal State of Black Africa], Editions Présence Africaine, Paris, France; 1960; 1974; English translation, Lawrence Hill, Westport CT, US; 1978; 99 pgs) 

Black Africans in the Islamic World: an understudied dimension of the Black diaspora J.O. Hunwick (in Tarikh 5, 4; 1978) 

Black American Dirty Dozens and the Tradition of Verbal Insult in Ghana – E.K. Agovi (in Research Review (new series) 3, 1; Legon; 1987) 

Black and Red: W.E.B. Du Bois and the Afro-American Response to the Cold War, 1944-1963 – G. Horne (State University of New York  Press, Albany NY, US; 1985) Useful material on Du Bois and Zionism, the Pan-Africanist “tradition” and friendliness to Israel, “Nkrumah’s closest ‘ally’” in 1956-60, according to Marable 

Black Athena: Ten Years After – (ed.) W. Binsbergen (in Talenta: Proceedings of the Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society, 28-29, Special Issue; 1996-1997)

Black Athena: The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization, vol. 1: The Fabrication of Ancient Greece 1785-1985 – M. Bernal (Free Association Books, 26, Freegrove Road, London N7 9RQ, England; 1987; 575 pgs; and Rutgers University Press, Brunswick NJ, US; 1987) 

Black Bourgeoisie – E. Franklin Frazier (Free Press, Glencoe IL, US; 1957)

Black British Cultures – Kwesi Owusu (Comedia, London, England; 1999) 

Black Business and Economic Power Toyin Falola and Alusine Jalloh (University of Rochester, US; 2002; 628 pgs) The first compilation of historical and contemporary black businesses in Africa and the African diaspora in the US (ABCBR)

Black Canadians: History, Experience, Social Conditions – J. Mensah (details to come; 2004)

Black Cultures in Difference – Marie H. Laforest (in The Post-colonial Question, (eds.) I. Chambers and L. Curti, Routledge, London, England and Nrew York, US; 1996) 

Black Diplomacy: African Americans and the State Department, 1945-1969 – Michael L. Krenn (Sharpe; Armonk, NY, US; 1999)

Black Experience and the Empire – (ed.) Philip D. Morgan (Oxford University Press, London, England; 2004; 340 pgs) Covers four centuries and four continents of black experience (ABCBR) 

Black Folk Here and There: An Essay in History and Anthropology, vol. 1 – St. Clair Drake (UCLA Centre for Afro-American Studies, Los Angeles CA, US; 1987)

Black Folk, Then and Now: An Essay in the History and Sociology of the Negro Race – W.E.B. Du Bois (H. Holt, New York, US; 1939) 

Black futurists in the information age: visions of a twenty-first century technological renaissance – Timothy Jenkins and Khafra Om-Ra-Seti (KMT Publications, San Francisco CA, US; 1997) 

Black Hair/Style Politics – Kobena Mercer (in Out There: Marginalization and Contemporary Cultures, (eds.) Russell Ferguson et al., The New Museum of Contemprary Art and MIT Press, New York NY and Cambridge MA, US and London, England; 1990) 

Black imperialism: Americo-Liberian rule over the African peoples of Liberia, 1841-1964 M.B. Akpan (pgs. 217-236 in Canadian Journal of African Studies, 7, 2; 1973) 

Black Jacobins: Toussaint L’Ouverture and the San Domingo Revolution C.L.R. James (Vintage Books, New York, US; 1963; new edition, Allison & Busby, London, England; 1982) 

Black Man on the Nile – Yosef ben-Jochannan (1972; further details to come)

Black Man’s Country: A Journey Through Ghana – K. Eskelund (Alvin Redman, London, England; 1958; 164 pgs) 

Black Man’s Town – I. Ryan (Cape, London, England; Clarke and Irwin, Toronto, Canada; 1953; 249 pgs) A story by a Canadian who moved to Takoradi with her husband in 1948 (McFarland)  

Black Marxism: The Making of the Black Radical Tradition – Cedric Robinson (University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill NC, US; 1998) 

Black mischief maker – Adam Fergusson (pgs. 535-536 in Statist, 190, 4591 (London, England); March 4, 1966) 

Black Moses: The Story of Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association – E.D. Cronon (University of Wisconsin Press, Madison WI, US; 1962)

Black-on-Black Violence – The Psychodynamics of Black Self-Annihilation in Service of White Domination – Amos N. Wilson (Afrikan World InfoSystems, 743 Rogers Avenue, Suite 6, Brooklyn NY 11226, US; www.afrikanworldinfo.com; This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 1990; 219 pgs) 

Black Nationalism and the Revolution in Music – F. Kofisky (Pathfinder Press, New York NY, US; 1970)

Black Nationalism: The Search of Identity – E.U. Essien-Udom (University of Chicago Press, Chicago IL, US; 1962)

Black Power: A Record of Reactions in a Land of Pathos – Richard Wright (Harper, New York, US; 1954; 358 pgs; Dennis Dobson, London, England; 1954 [or 6?])  This text is also found with The Color Curtain (1956) and White Man, Listen! (1957) in an 844-page compilation subtitled “Three Books from Exile”, and published in 2008 by HarperCollins (10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY, 10022). In his Introduction, Cornel West says that Black Power: A Record of Reactions in a Land of Pathos “explores the complex political and cultural dynamics of the decolonization of Ghana”. Part Four of White Man, Listen! is called “The Miracle of Nationalism in the African Gold Coast” and is a 35-page account and meditation on the progress towards Ghana’s independence. In a footnote to White Man, Listen!, Wright himself describes Black Power as “an account of the nationalistic revolution in the Gold Coast”. The Color Curtain explores the 1956 Bandung Conference in Jakarta, Indonesia, where 29 Asian and African nations discussed independence issues.

Black reconstruction in America – W.E.B. Du Bois (Simon & Schuster, New York, US; 1995)

Black Revolutionary: George Padmore’s Path from Communism to Pan-Africanism – J.R. Hooker (Praeger, New York and London; 1967; 168 pgs) Is this the same as another listing – Black Revolutionary: The Life of George Padmore, same author and publisher but publication date 1970? 

Black Sisters, Speak Out: Feminism and Oppression in Black Africa – A. Thiam (details to come; 1989)

Black Skin, White Masks: The Experience of a Black Man in a White World – Frantz Fanon (Grove Weidenfeld, New York, US; 1967) Original French edition was Peau noire, masques blancs, Editions du Seuil, 1952. There is a 2008 edition by Grove Press, 841 Broadway, New York, NY 10003; www.groveatlantic.com; 206 pages; with a four-page Foreword by Kwame Anthony Appiah, and bibliographical references 

Black Spokesman: Selected Published Writings of Edward Wilmot Blyden – (ed.) R.H. Lynch (Humanities Press, New York, US; 1971) 

Black Star of Africa: A View of the Life and Times of Kwame Nkrumah – Basil Davidson (Praeger, New York NY, US; 1964; Allen Lane; London, and Clark, Double and Brandson Ltd, Plymouth, England; 1973; Westview Press, Boulder CO, US; 1989; James Currey; 2007)

Black Star in the Wind – Robert Raymond (McGibbon and Kee, London, England; 1960; 288 pgs)

Blacks in Science: ancient and modern – (ed.) Ivan Van Sertima (Transaction Books, New Brunswick NJ, US; 1983) 

Blacks in the Dutch World: The Evolution of Racial Imagery in a Modern Society – A. Blakely (Indiana University Press, Bloomingtron IN, US; 1993)

Blank Darkness: Africanist Discourse in French – C. Miller (University of Chicago Press, Chicago IL, US; 1985) 

Blema kakaloi – E.S.T. Ababio (Bureau of Ghana Languages, Accra; 1967; 56 pgs) Ga 

Blending of marginally suitable tropical sub-base materials for use in base course construction – E. M. Frempong and K. E. N. Tsidzi (pgs. 129-141 in Construction and Building Materials, 13, 3; 1 April 1999)

Blighted Harvest: The World Bank and African Agriculture in the 1980s – P. Gibbon et al. (James Currey, London, England; 1993)

Blood in the urine of adolescent girls in an area of Ghana with a low prevalence of infection with Schistosoma haematobium – Andrew Hall and Alicia Fentiman (pgs. 411-412 in Transactions of the Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, 93, 4, July-August 1999) 

Blood pressure and cardiovascular risk factors in hypertensive patients referred to a regional hospital in Ghana Seth Donkor, Seth Gordon, Per Omvik and Eva Gerdts (pg. S196 in American Journal of Hypertension, 17, 5, Supplement 1; May 2004)

Blueprint for Black Power – A Moral, Political and Economic Imperative for the Twenty-First Century – Amos N. Wilson (Afrikan World InfoSystems, 743 Rogers Avenue, Suite 6, Brooklyn NY 11226, US; www.afrikanworldinfo.com; This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it ; 1998; 892 pgs) 

Bo me nkombo – Kweku Taylor (Bureau of Ghana Languages, Accra; 1967; 50 pgs) Fante; literally, ‘Chat with me’

Boi-ekpaa yoo (gblamlibo-te mo) – E.T.A. Abbey (Bureau of Ghana Languages, Accra; 1968; 44 pgs) Ga-Adanbe

Bond strength of reinforcing steel bars milled from scrap metals Charles K. Kankam (pgs. 231-238 in Materials & Design, 25, 3; May 2004) 

Bone Woman: Among the Dead in Rwanda, Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo – Clea Koff (Atlantic Books, England; 2004; 319 pgs) In 1996, aged 23, the author was sent to Rwanda to exhume the bodies of genocide victims, to try to establish their identities and how they died. The evidence that she painstakingly uncovered would form the basis of trials for genocide and crimes against humanity. She describes how her gruelling investigations there and in Europe transformed her from an idealistic student into a veteran war crimes expert (ABCBR)

Booker T. Washington and African Nationalism – M. Marable (pgs. 398-406 in Phylon, 35; Dec. 1974)

Boom and Dislocation: The Environmental and Social Impacts of Mining in the Wassa West District of Ghana – T. Akabzaa (Third World Network-Africa, Accra; 2000)

Boomerang – Diana Bamford McBagonluri (Excellent Publishing and Printing, La Education Centre, P.O. Box TF 490, Accra; 56 pgs) Drama

Borbor Fante – J.K. Fynn (Department of History, University of Ghana, Legon; no date) 

Border Zone Trade and the Economic Boundaries of the State B. Chalfin (pgs. 7-32 in Africa, Vol. 71; 2001)

Borderline Politics in Ghana: The National Liberation Movement of Western Togoland – D. Brown (pgs. 576-610 in Journal of Modern African Studies, 18, 4; Dec. 1980) 

Bore holes and the vanishing of guinea worm disease in Ghana's Upper Region – John M. Hunter (pgs. 71-89 in Social Science & Medicine, 45, 1; July 1997)

Borgu in the Atlantic Slave Trade – Robin Law and Paul E. Lovejoy (pgs. 69-92 in African Economic History, 27; 1999)  

‘Borgya and Abirwa’ A. Ffoulkes (pgs. 387-397 in Journal of African Sociology, 8; 1908-1909) 

Borrower Ownership of Adjustment Programs and the Political Economy of Reform – J.H. Johnson and S.S. Wasty (World Bank Discussion Paper, No. 199, Washington DC, US; 1993)

Bottlenecks to Research Capacity-Building in African Universities – Akilagpa Sawyerr (pgs. 3-10 in Social Science Research in West Africa – Seminar Proceedings, (ed.) H.J. Masterbroek, Accra, 19-20 November, 1997) 

Boundaries of Self and Other in Ghanaian Popular Culture – J.K. Adjaye (details to come; 2004)

Bovine Besnoitiosis in Ghana – E.N.W. Oppong (pgs. 102-108 in Proceedings of the First Pan-African Veterinary Congress, Accra; 1978) 

Bovine Brucellosis in Ghana – E.N.W. Oppong (pgs. 397-403 in Bull. Epizoot. Dis. Afr., 14; 1969) 

Bovine demodicosis in the Accra Plains – E.N.W. Oppong (pg. 19 in Bull. Epizoot. Dis. Afr., 19; 1971)

Bovine streptothricosis in the Accra Plains – E.N.W. Oppong (pgs. 44-62 in Ghana Journal of Science, 13, 19; 1973) 

Boy’s images of marriage, partners and girl’s self images in Ghana – G. Jahoda (in Sociologus, 8; 1958)

"Brain drain" of health professionals: from rhetoric to responsible action – Tim Martineau, Karola Decker and Peter Bundred (pgs. 1-10 in Health Policy, 70, 1; Oct. 2004)  

Brain Drain Migration – R. Cohen (www.queensu.ca/samp/transform/Cohen1.htm)

Brandford-Griffith’s Offer of British Protection to Ashanti in 1891 – W. Tordoff (pgs. 32-49 in Transactions of the Historical Society of Ghana, 6; 1962) 

Brautraub? - Ein Beispiel aus Nordghana – F. Kröger (pgs. 35-40 in Mutterbruder und Kreuzcousine - Einblicke in das Familienleben fremder Kulturen, (eds.) S. Eylert, U. Bertels, C. Lütkes; Münster, München, Berlin, Germany and New York, US; 1997)   

Breaking Barriers, Creating New Hopes: Democracy, Civil Society and Good Governance in Africa – (eds.) Abdalla Bujra and Said Adejumobi (Development Policy Management Forum, Ethiopia; 2004; 367 pgs) Contains six case studies: Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia and Ethiopia (ABCBR)

Breaking the Chains – Slavery, Bondage and Emancipation in Modern Africa and Asia – (ed.) M. Klein (Madison WI, US; 1993) 

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Nyansapo – wisdom knot; Adinkra symbol of wisdom, ingenuity, intelligence and patience; conveys the idea that "a wise person has the capacity to choose the best means to attain a goal. Being wise implies broad knowledge, learning and experience, and the ability to apply such faculties to practical ends."
Sources: Cloth As Metaphor: (Re)reading the Adinkra Cloth Symbols of the Akan of Ghana – G.F. Kojo Arthur (www.marshall.edu/akanart); The Adinkra Dictionary – W. Bruce Willis (www.adinkra.org)
Dame-dame – a board game; Adinkra symbol of intelligence and ingenuity.
Sources: Cloth As Metaphor: (Re)reading the Adinkra Cloth Symbols of the Akan of Ghana – G.F. Kojo Arthur (www.marshall.edu/akanart); The Adinkra Dictionary – W. Bruce Willis (www.adinkra.org)
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